A Ferret Named Phil

The debut anti-bullying children’s book by 22 year old Australian writer William Reimer.


The story of a small ferret who overcomes a big bully without resorting to violence, told completely in rhyme.

Phil is the happiest of ferrets as he sits by the lake with Jane, until the mean Hugo the hawk ruins their picnic! Instead of feeling intimidated, Phil comes up with a cunning way to show the bully that he isn’t afraid to stand up to him.

For children between the ages of 3-8.

A Ferret Named Phil is inspiring and empowering children across the country, opening up discussion of bullying through a meaningful, heartfelt story – And I’m absolutely certain it will have the same positive effect on your children.

Hardback edition, 24 pages in length.

If you know a child who is being bullied, this the perfect gift.

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What are people saying?

  • “A fantastic book is A Ferret Named Phil, it has many connotations and appeals to the imagination of all ages. I congratulate William Reimer for highlighting the need for our young to develop assertiveness skills to step up and stand up to bullies. This book is engaging, empowering and entertaining but most of all it encourages discussion about an issue affecting 1 in 5 and delivers many messages in various contexts. This should be in every Library and Pre/Primary School in the country.”
  • “Phil the Ferret is brave and determined. But he also knows the importance of relying on friends when it comes to overcoming any challenge. This is a wonderful story about how togetherness and care can make even the most vulnerable feel safe”
  • “Children of all ages will be able to relate to this story about Phil the Ferret overcoming the odds stacked against him and the gorgeous whimsical images add to the appeal”
  • “It’s my 3yr old daughter’s favourite book!! She asks me to read it to her twice before bed & once more in the morning. She knows it so well that she read it to her friends at daycare.”
  • “We got ours yesterday and it’s a big hit with out 4yr old! Read last night and requested for tonight’s bedtime story too! Adore the artwork aswell! Thanks William, Well done”


Colouring Sheets (Both Books)

Instant download of 37 Colouring sheets (Both books) to be used alongside readings of A Ferret Named Phil. Perfect for...

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A Ferret Named Phil and the Old Ferris Wheel (BOOK #2)

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Colouring Book (With Bonus Print-at-Home Download)

The official colouring book for A Ferret Named Phil. Watercolour illustrations have been replicated line-for-line in black and white, perfect for your children to unleash their inner Picasso while reading along with Phil! Comes with a bonus print-at-home download so you can print off as many copies of the colouring sheets for the home or classroom. Ships within 2-5 business days. Order now!

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A Ferret Named Phil (BOOK #1)

If you know a child who is being bullied - this is the perfect book for them to read. Phil is the happiest of ferrets as he sits by the lake with his friend Jane, until the mean Hugo the Hawk decides to ruin their picnic! Using his smart mind, Phil comes up with a cleverly cunning plan to show his bully that he isn't afraid to stand up for himself. 18 rhyming verses with gorgeous watercolour illustrations. AUTOGRAPHED Hardback edition, posts out in 3-4 business days. PLEASE NOTE: LIMITED PRINT RUN - ORDER NOW WHILE STOCKS LAST!! Free shipping with any order of four books or more.

5 out of 5
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A Ferret Named Phil is the anti-bullying children's picture book by 22 year old Australian author William Reimer.